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The Northern NSW Inland Port (N2IP) will accommodate a diverse range of industries and will appeal to existing Shire businesses wanting to expand and new companies looking for a thriving community to establish.

The Northern NSW Inland Port will present major investment opportunities for transport and logistics operators, manufacturers, agri-businesses and service providers, and offer a competitive advantage to businesses requiring national and global distribution.

There are strong opportunities to leverage the existing foundation agriculture and resource industries by establishing new businesses that add value and complement existing agriculture operations.

Strategically positioned, the addition of new Inland Rail infrastructure will have a huge impact on Narrabri Shire and continue to improve freight transportation efficiencies.

The N2IP site will be zoned industrial/special purpose to enable the attraction and development of the widest variety of industrial and commercial businesses.

Existing local and new businesses wanting to access commercial quantities of gas will benefit from the industries innovative production and connection costs.

Considerable strategic planning work has been completed to cut red tape for new businesses looking to locate at N2IP. Streamlined planning pathways are being established to ensure businesses can establish and commence operations in the shortest possible time.


The proposed Inland Rail route will go directly through Narrabri Shire entering Narrabri from the south west edge of the Shire. Narrabri is already a key freight and logistics area with a huge amount of agricultural products being produced locally and transported to Narrabri from western areas.


The Commonwealth and State Governments recognise the geographic location of Narrabri Shire and the strategic importance of the Northern NSW Inland Port development. This level of acknowledgement correlates with Council’s vision to activate a premier industrial development to capitalise, grow and diversify the Narrabri Shire economy both now and into the future.


Narrabri Shire Council’s contribution to the Northern NSW Inland Port project to date has been $2.8 million. This combined with the State and Commonwealth Governments support amounts to a $27.4 million investment in Council’s vision for the Narrabri Shire community.

In September 2020, Council successfully received $16.8 million from the NSW State Government through its Growing Local Economies Fund. This funding will deliver infrastructure upgrades consisting of electricity, communications, water and road upgrades to the site.

In October 2020, the Commonwealth Government as part of its Budget 2020/2021 announced that it was investing $7.8 million in Council’s Northern NSW Inland Port project to be utilised for the construction of a 1,800 metre rail siding and slip road.


By reducing rail freight costs and transit times along the eastern states, Inland Rail makes rail more competitive, providing more opportunities for businesses to take advantage of a mode of transport that is safer, more efficient and more environmentally responsible.


Inland Rail will link the major capitals along the east coast and primary production regions in inland New South Wales and South East Queensland to key regional and metropolitan areas, opening businesses up to new and existing domestic and export markets.

A typical train travelling on the Inland Rail infrastructure will have the capacity of 108 B-Doubles and will complete the journey from Melbourne to Brisbane in less than 24 hours. It will offer a road-competitive service and a sustainable solution to our growing freight challenge.

The logistics chain in Australia has seen unprecedented growth with container movements throughout the country reaching a record 7.2m twenty foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2016/2017 – an increase of 3.7% on the previous year. With over 50% of these transiting through Brisbane or Melbourne, the opportunities for increased efficiencies and growth in the logistics chain through Inland Rail is evident.

The existing terminals in Narrabri Shire have a regional role, servicing a 350km radius and it is forecast that produce moved through the Shire will increase by 1-2 million tonnes over the next ten years.